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A Message from the 2014 Bursary Award Winner

Lenami's bursary award has been awarded twice since her passing to two deserving and remarkable young women. The awardee of the 2014 bursary award provided a letter outlining her gratitude for the support of the community who helped build Lenami's bursary fund and it's impacts on her. Please see below for her message:

As a second year engineering student I received the 2014 Lenami Godinez Avila Bursary which was funded by Lenami's partner, family and friends, in her memory.

Receiving this bursary helps me take a break from my part-time job and provides me with the chance to spend more time on schoolwork and volunteering in my community.

I met Lenami's partner in early October along with the 2013 bursary recipient. We had a fantastic time together, sharing stories about our daily lives and our perspectives about the future. I was touched to hear about Lenami and her goal of helping international students in financial need at SFU.

I am from Dalian, China and coming to Canada is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Through the culture and language collision, I get the chance to view my life from a totally different angle. I am excited about the new environment, lifestyle, and also have begun to respect elements from my own culture because of this experience. People in Canada are warm and outgoing and the fantastic game and clubs at SFU make life more colourful for me.

I would like to be a hardware engineer in the near future and will probably go on to graduate school after working for a few years.

All in all, I would like to say thank you to all of the donors who gave to this fund at SFU. Your kind and generous help really provides international female students with a better chance. Your donations encourage us to keep our dreams and always have hope!